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Metal Injection Molding

MIM Parts In Weeks

APP’s proprietary MIM technology maximizes the performance of your design. Our extensive understanding of the MIM process and alloys permits rapid engineering and production of quality MIM components and MIM microcomponents.


MIM Design Guide Material Guide

APP offers proprietary MIM processing technology for most components. Our technology has a large process window and allows for greatest speed to market for qualification. We also offer the ability to process in BASF Catamold feedstock and shrink factors. This allows for existing Catamold tools, which are cut to this shrink factor, to be transferred to our facility. APP has a very strong knowledge of MIM materials and processing techniques. We make the parts complete. We have the capabilities to either perform or source the required secondary’s. Typical secondary’s are machining, tapping, grinding, heat treat, black oxide, passivate, etc.