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With a renowned metal injection molding (MIM) reputation among the top OEMs in the industrial and defense industries, APP is your ideal partner for the design, development, and manufacturing of medical device components.

In-house metallurgists challenge conventional materials and develop customized feedstocks to suit your components' specific needs. In an industry where there is no room for compromise, the improved strength, durability and design freedom of MIM & 3D metal printing provides an alternative option when other technologies fail.

At APP, we focus on innovation, performance and quality so that you can feel confident in your product. Whether you're testing a prototype or bringing an existing device to market, we offer a portfolio of technical solutions that can help you strengthen the future of medicine.

For The Quality Of Lives

We've built a solid reputation on quality. We take pride in knowing that we are a small part of something bigger. By understanding the criticality of your final product, we ensure components meet your specifications as well as regulatory requirements. From design and development until the moment the furnace doors open, your parts undergo stringent quality checks by experts in every department.

We continuously drive innovation through a quality system focused on you. We understand that smart design changes, no matter how small, can make a big difference. These changes may help finished devices deliver better outcomes that could enhance or even save lives. We are ISO 13485:2016 certified and use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the highest quality medical and surgical components.

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Experts in both metallurgy and MIM manufacturing, we know what it takes to make quality, reliable components.

You Can Count On Us

Strengthening Confidence,

Your components are overseen by some of the most intelligent and ingenious individuals. We are visionaries and deep thinkers. We are material scientists and engineers who know the ins and outs of MIM and the best way to produce your component. Your components are designed for manufacturing (DFM) to save you time, money and prevent future headaches. From parting lines to gate locations, we offer design tips for the best functionality, dependability and repeatability.

At APP, we still believe in a personal touch. We collaborate with you throughout the whole manufacturing process. Whether you prefer an email or phone conversation, our application engineers and sales team provide key updates during technical reviews and pride ourselves on our ability to answer your questions quickly and accurately. Engineers have been known to think a little differently. APP is lucky to have the best on our team who are always one step ahead.

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