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Precision Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

Solve Your Complex Metal Part Challenges

By combining the most useful characteristics of powdered metallurgy and plastic injection molding, Metal Injection Molding (MIM) facilitates the production of small, complex-shaped metal components with outstanding mechanical properties which provides superior advantages to your project.

Metal injection molding is ideal for parts that weigh less than 100 grams and have complex geometries with tight tolerances. By increasing the number of mold cavities, MIM manufacturing is well-suited to produce medium to high volume components and has been adopted by a variety of industries including Medical, Sporting Goods, Defense, Industrial and many more. In short, you get design freedom along with material flexibility.

MIM Technology Platform: Where Does Your Project Fit?

Regardless of what stage you are in, we have solutions and options for you in every step of your process. We know that “one size does NOT fit all!”

Metal Injection Molding

High volume scalable and repeatable manufacturing! If you are fully confident in your design, you can move right into production of thousands or even millions of parts. We develop our own custom feedstocks, automate the Metal Injection Molding process, and offer Secondary Operations to optimize the performance of your end-product.


Get your metal parts in days!

Perfect for initial prototype testing. This is the fastest way to get real metal components in your hands for general functionality testing. Our 3D metal printing process meets all MPIF standard 35 properties and eliminates the need for you to wait and pay the cost of tooling.

ProtoMIM® MIM Rapid Prototyping

Get your MIM parts in weeks!

Reduce design risks and increase your speed to market. If you need production representative components for validation fast, or are still tweaking your design, this bridge tool will allow you to test and qualify your parts in real MIM alloys while your production tool is in design and build.

Why APP?

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Fastest growing MIM Company in the USA (INC 5000) last 4 years

Handbook of Metal Injection Molding

We wrote the book on MIM – “Handbook on Metal Injection Molding”


Winner of two 2020 Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards Competition Grand Prizes

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