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MIM Talks

We know how hard it is to manufacture components that meet print and are cost-effective. MIM technology is complex. It is highly engineered and there is a science to it.

In this webinar we want to showcase what MIM has to offer by walking you though the advantages of metal injection molding, such as design freedom, material flexibility, and manufacturing economics. Through the use of a MIM case study, we will cover MIM design principles such as material selection, tooling design, injection molding, draft angles, and component sintering while exploring the boundaries of MIM component properties.

Our goal by the end of this webinar is to leave you with not only a understanding of what MIM has to offer, but a creative imagination that can be applied to you next component challenge.

  • Learn about the Advantages of Metal Injection Molding
  • Understand Typical MIM Component Attributes
  • Dissect a MIM part with an actual case study

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