In the Medical/Dental Category for MIM components, an Award of Distinction has been given to Advanced Powder Products Inc., for lower anterior, upper central, bicuspid, and molar dental brackets. The brackets are part of a newly introduced and revolutionary orthodontic correction procedure. The four single-piece brackets are made using custom micro MIM-17-4 PH feedstock. The original complex two-piece design had many issues for MIM processing. The solution was found in a single-piece design in which the dovetail depth and position was modified. 

The brackets are part of a newly introduced and revolutionary orthodontic correction procedure. Metal Injection Molding was selected over other technologies based on the inherent ability for MIM to manufacture small complex geometries cost effectively. Understanding the cost and design limitations of machining the parts were designed for MIM from project inception. If MIM wasn’t successful, the customer would have to redesign the entire part, losing valuable component characteristics.  

MIM reduced the assembly complexity and cost by creating the single-piece design. The single piece design also improved speed to market by reducing cost testing of the component weldability. With the help of APP, the customer was able to bring their design to market in just over 12 months. 

MPIF has sponsored the PM Design Excellence competition since 1965. The competition invites powder metallurgy manufacturers to submit components that showcase the advantages and test the possibilities of the metal forming technologies. Fabricators may enter eight categories, including Aerospace/Military/Firearms, Automotive, Medical/Dental, and Hand Tool/Recreation. A panel of industry experts evaluates each component using a set of strict criteria. Grand Prizes and Awards of Distinction are presented in each category to those parts that prove superior. 

APP’s Metal Injection Molding (MIM) process and metallurgical expertise can produce a wide variety of materials, such as stainless steels, low-alloy steel, and tool steels, that solve performance problems for medical device, military and defense, sporting goods, industrial, oil and gas, and aerospace applications. If the metal powders are available in the appropriate size and can achieve high density through the sintering process, then the material can be manufactured using the MIM process. If you have a performance or an application challenge, APP can develop a solution in our state-of-the-art facility.