Quality and Capabilities

Quality Promise

APP is committed to customer satisfaction. Through the use of an employee empowered quality system, we are focused on continuous improvement to meet or exceed the quality expectations of our customers.

This commitment is achieved by using foundational metal injection molding technology principles, methodical processes, and an aspirational culture. When this is coupled with our company core values of Fun, Excellence, Accountability, Transparency and a companywide commitment to live the requirements of our quality management system, it proves why are able to solve our customers most complex metal component challenges.

Precision Process Control

Once a MIM component has passed initial qualification, the next step is to ensure that a process is sufficiently controlled for the application. This in-process control is key to delivering low-risk high quality components.

Attribute Minimum Control Precision Control
Feedstock As-molded component mass auditing
  • As-molded part mass control charting
  • Feedstock density control charting
  • Feedstock viscosity stability control charting
Injection Molding
  • As-molded component mass auditing
  • Precision switchover and monitor switchover
  • Part density
  • Part dimension
  • Cavity pressure
Solvent Debinding Weight loss studies Weight loss studies
  • Select part dimension auditing
  • Component density
  • Weight loss auditing
  • Select part dimensions
  • Component density
  • Carbon control charting
  • Chemistry analysis
Capabilities Validation & Sustainability
Printalloy – 3D Metal Printing Proven Scientific Qualification Process
ProtoMIM – MIM Prototyping IQ, OQ, PQ Validation
Feedstock formulation Capability Studies/DOE/Gage R&R
Metallurgical Certification Lot Traceability
Automated Manufacturing Statistical Process Control (SPC)

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