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Manufacturing small, intricate, high-volume components is often costly and hard to scale. At APP, our proprietary technology harnesses the power of metal injection molding (MIM) and 3D metal printing to maximize the affordability, scalability, and performance of your product.

Our mission is: “To Be America’s Best & Biggest Metal Injection Molding Company” by using technology and manufacturing to solve problems and create opportunity for all who engage with APP.

F.E.A.T. – The foundation of our culture, because building America’s Best & Biggest Metal Injection Company is a tremendous F.E.A.T. At APP, we encourage Fun, strive for Excellence, foster Accountability, and promote Transparency. As we continue to grow, APP looks to hire self-driven individuals who move fast and think big.

Metallurgy Reimagined® is not just an APP marketing slogan it reflects upon the rich history of Pennsylvania’s previous heritage and culture in metallic DNA. World class manufacturing undergirded by advancements in technology are creating new opportunities bringing high tech career possibilities and employment to this region. Advanced Powdered Products is the result of the creative energy and ambition of Don Heaney, as well as his team of highly skilled MIM specialists, demonstrating that vision and determination are still very much alive in America.

Our History & Geography

The Keystone State has a rich manufacturing history, much of which is cultivated from an abundance of raw materials that reside within its hills and valleys transported by its rivers and streams. The petroleum, natural gas, coal, water, forests, and minerals provided the building blocks from which cities were birthed. An infrastructure was developed, and foundational industries created vast opportunities as an emerging nation assumed a new standing in the world.

These raw materials and natural resources were of little value without the creative and determined vision of individuals residing in Pennsylvania, such as Andrew Carnegie, Charles Schwab, Eugene Grace and Henry Frick often referred to as the “iron men” of the Keystone state. In that same vein Don Heaney, a PhD metallurgist teaching at Penn State, helped pioneer and commercialize a new process called Metal Injection Molding or also known as MIM.

Don Heaney literally wrote the Handbook of Metal Injection Molding and is considered a world resource for technical information on powder metallurgy. Heaney took that knowledge and successfully applied it in building Advanced Powder Products located in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania. APP is nationally recognized as the fastest growing MIM company in America – right here in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Iron Man country.

Metal injection molding process (MIM) is an advanced manufacturing process designed to produce small complex metal components in high volumes to help save our customers money. In non-technical terms MIM utilizes fine metal powders that are mixed with binder materials to create a "feedstock" that is then shaped and solidified using equipment similar to plastic injection molding. The molding process forces the “feedstock” into a precision mold cavity which generates the unique dimensional features of the desired component which gives you design freedom. These molded parts, which are soft and fragile are called a green part. These then move on to secondary process steps of solvent binder removal and high temperature sintering process that harden the parts to their final configuration. MIM is an alternative to more expensive manufacturing techniques with applications that range from dental and medical implants to aerospace and industrial hand tools.

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