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  • 2022 MPIF Award Winning MIM Part - Slide Release

    Originally designed for stamping, but the complex geometry was too much of a challenge, the powder metallurgy (PM) metal injection molding (MIM) process was selected for this one-piece firearm slide release. The air quenched and tempered S7 tool steel component was a Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) 2022 PM Design Excellence Awards Competition winner. Make PM your preferred metal-forming solution! Share this post and follow PickPM on LinkedIn or visit us at PickPM.com. #powdermetallurgy #advancedmanufacturing #PickPM #MIM

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  • Binder Jet 3D Metal Printing Accelerates MIM Product Development

    To launch new mechanical products on time and on budget, development teams must be able to iterate through designs as they optimize manufacturability and ensure their device or assembly performs as intended. This is especially true for small and complex metal components, which can be difficult to produce and hard to scale.

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  • Metal Injection Molding Offers a Sustainable, Scalable Solution for Medical Device Manufacturing

    MIM is becoming a mass-adopted process in the medical device manufacturing world. A more cost-effective and scalable alternative to traditional CNC machining and manufacturing methods, MIM can manufacture geometries otherwise impossible to produce while delivering on quality. OEMs can reap long-term savings throughout the production process and meet R&D and NPI’s most demanding timelines.

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  • The Five Pillars of a Great Automotive Component Supplier

    The automotive supply chain is as broad as it is demanding, especially for tier two and tier three component providers. The constituents that go into truck and automobile construction range from plastic or rubber polymers to high strength steel and aluminum.

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